Take advantage of the resources given. There are so many resources through Boys Hope Girls hope, from mental health to career planning. It’s nice to have people in your corner helping you figure out life!

Tianna Woodford grew up with her grandparents. When she was in the 5th grade, she learned about Boys Hope Girls Hope through her school in Cincinnati. Her grandparents recognized Tianna’s natural drive and spark and that they needed support for her to continue on her path.

Tianna would advise young people joining Boys Hope Girl Hope today to “Take advantage of the resources given.  There are so many resources through Boys Hope Girls Hope, from mental health to career planning.  It’s nice to have people in your corner helping you figure out life!” 

In May, Tianna graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Leadership and Management with a minor in community leadership.  A highlight of her college experience was a study abroad trip to France, Ireland and England to study Sports, Leadership, & the Global Marketplace.

Tianna’s grandmother, who helped to raise her, passed away two years ago.  She said her grandfather is a “great guy, a storyteller, who is known and loved by many people in Cincinnati.”  Tianna will soon return to Cincinnati to live with her grandfather.  She hopes to start to gain work experience in the sports industry but has an open mind about opportunities given the challenge of the current market. 

Tianna has been very tuned in to the recent social movement but also conscious of COVID.  She went to a peaceful prayer circle in her community recently and passed out water.  Tianna said everything going on right now with COVID-19 and the protests can be overwhelming.  What gives her hope for the future is her family.  Her younger cousin, Shane, inspires her.  “He’s so intelligent.  He gives me the push I need to want to be great for him.”  And her late grandmother was an inspiration.  Tianna said, “She instilled so many great values in me and was also so hopeful for my future.”  

Adelaide Johnson-Ghartey, Residential College Coordinator of Boys Hope Girls Hope of Cincinnati said, “I always use Tianna as an example when I talk to my current scholars, especially my young ladies. I love Tianna for setting the standard for all of our scholars as future collegians. Tianna is the epitome of beauty and brains and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her!”