Empowering Cincinnati’s Future Entrepreneurs

Boys Hope Girls Hope teamed up with Cintrifuse in May for the inaugural StartUpCincy event. Our scholars got to spend the day with the city’s brightest entrepreneurs and were exposed to a variety of skills, like problem solving, innovation, critical thinking, teamwork and public speaking.

What is Cintrifuse and StartUpCincy?
Cintrifuse is on a mission to make the Greater Cincinnati region a global destination for entrepreneurial success. They connect the region’s high potential, venture-backable startups to advice, talent, funding, and customers. StartUpCincy is a collective startup community that includes enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and investors in Cincinnati, the region and the Midwest.

StartUp Day
StartUp Day, hosted at Union Hall, brought together Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars and our city’s entrepreneurial community through a variety of activities. The day began by identifying problems that the scholars have seen in their lives, their community or throughout the world. The scholars were split into teams, where they would brainstorm possible solutions to their common problems. Each group presented their solution to each other and the startup community at the end of the day.

The scholars also visited different startups in Over-The-Rhine throughout the day. Entrepreneurs from The Brandery, CincyTech, Cintrifuse, LISNR and ChroreMonster shared their stories and offered advice to our scholars. One story that particularly stood out to our scholars was the story of Chris Ostoich, co-founder of LISNR. Chris had a hard childhood, something that our scholars can relate to, and was expelled from high school. Through a variety of employment opportunities, mentors, dedication, passion and resilience, Chris is now leading a successful and creative company that has partnerships with Procter & Gamble, Microsoft and Disney. He taught the scholars about the importance of pursuing small ideas and learning from failure. He shared examples of small ideas in his own life that have led to long- term success.

Boys Hope Girls Hope scholar, Zaire, reflected on the day. “StartUp Day was fun and interesting. I liked hearing from the founder of LISNR because he was relatable. He stepped outside of the box and thought of something that could be useful to everyone. It got me thinking, because most of them said it just started with an idea; just a thought that popped into their head. Then they put the idea to work.”

We had a great time at StartUpCincy Day. Thank you to Cintrifuse and the StartUpCincy community for hosting our scholars.