Construction Update for New Home

A significant  component of the Building Hope Initiative provides funding for construction and furnishing of a new Boys Home.  The new home (which will be known as Heidt Hope House) replaces the original boys home which opened in 1977.  It will welcome up to 8 scholars and 2 live-in residential educators and is located next door to an existing Boys Home (Harold C. Schott House).

An Update from Building Hope Initiative Chair, Mark Stall:

Dear BHGH Friends –

Thanks to so many for all your efforts and support over the last year and a half + with the design, planning, fundraising and construction of the new BHGH boys’ home.

I am pleased to share that construction of the beautiful new home has now been completed (pictures below) on schedule and on budget. The home has now been handed over to BHGH and Ann Lucke for furnishing and decorating.

A very special BHGH Thank You to –

1.) St. Xavier HS for its generous donation of the land and unwavering support of BHGH;

2.) All of the generous donors who have contributed towards the construction of the new home with a special thanks to Dr. Rob and Julie Heidt and Harry and Ann Santen for the respective leadership gifts;

3.) The BHGH Executive Committee Members for their many contributions, especially Mark Bissinger and Darcie Bristow for all of their leadership on the new home planning committee;

4.) Messer Construction and its many fine employees for all of their skillful, hard work and generous support of BHGH;

5.) All of the subcontractors, including Nelson Stark, KEP Electric, J Construction, Lehnert Painting, Crane Htg and A/C,  AE Door, Priority Insulation and Pattern Concrete – for their first class work and support;

6.) The 70+ gift in kind donors who collectively contributed over $350,000 of donated or discounted goods and services towards the new home, including Arling Lumber, Custom Distributors, Florida Tile, Funch Lumber, Gilkey Window, Hyde Park Lumber / Milliken Wodworking, Midwest Roofing Supply, Priority Insulation, Sardinia Concrete, Sherwin Williams Paints, Sims Lohman Cabinets and Wittrock Woodworking;

7.) The Building Hope Committee for all of their efforts in raising funds and soliciting gifts in kind; and

8.) BHGH leadership and staff for lending a helping hand in the planning and execution of the home and the Building Hope Initiative.

I hope that you love the new home and that it is soon filled with the love, laughter and smiles of our beloved scholars.


Mark Stall – Chair, BHGH Building Hope Initiative



Previous New Home Updates:

And in the blink of an eye June is a distant memory.  Check out these photos from the last week of the month – taken just two weeks before furnishings arrive!!


June is flying by with the house scheduled for completion no later than July 1st.

Check out what has been done since the April video – drywall, flooring, painting and concrete – what a busy month!!

The week of 5/22 saw more drywall, painting, flooring and concrete work!!

UPDATE week ending 5/12:  Valley Interior has been busy hanging 600 12′ sheets of  Continental Building Products drywall and J Construction has finished laying the brick


What do you do on a construction site when Mother Nature decides rain is on the agenda?  Drywall!  It’s really starting to look like a Home!  These photos were taken the week ending May 5th

Check out this video that shows the transformation from ground clearing in December thru the end of April:   VIDEO UPDATE

These photos were taken Sunday, April 30th by BHI Chair and new home owner’s representative, Mark Stall.  The brickwork looks amazing!!


April Photos provided by our project manager, Kyle: