What Does It Take To Serve Our Scholars?

With the help of our donors, we are able to provide nurturing homes in a safe environment, mentoring and excellent academic opportunities through college. This allows our scholars to explore and realize their dreams.
We are currently serving 40+ scholars and collegians. We have an annual operations budget of $1.6 Million. The annual utility bills for our three homes are $22,000 and the annual food budget is $31,000.

Here’s a breakdown of how some our donor funds are put to use.
• $5,000 provides 3 months of counseling support services for 37 scholars
• $1,000 provides a BHGH college scholarship for 1 semester
• $1350 provides covers one month of transportation expenses for one house of 8 scholars.
• $500 provides ACT/SAT prep courses for a junior or senior scholar.
• $175 provides a one- month supply of day-to-day hygiene supplies for 3 homes.

We also rely on the donation of time. We currently have 117 volunteers serving in the following roles.
• Individual and group mentors and tutors
• Home maintenance
• Meal donations
• Office support

To help support our scholars financially, please visit our donation page here. (Insert link) If you are interested in a volunteer role, please contact