Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty With Early Intervention

A growing number of children in our community are mired in circumstances that threaten their ability to reach their full potential. According to The Child Poverty Collaborative of Cincinnati, 39% of children living in Cincinnati, are living below the federal poverty threshold. These children and their families are in need of community support before they become trapped in a cycle of poverty, destructive behaviors, academic failure, mental illness and the child protective system.

Why is intervention important?
• Children without mentors are 50% more likely to use drugs and twice as likely to skip school.
• Unsupervised teens are four times more likely to be D students.
• Nationwide, nearly 7,000 students drop out of high school every day and dropouts are three times more likely to slip into poverty.
• Each high school dropout costs taxpayers approximately $2.1Million over his or her lifetime.
• On average, college graduates earn 67% more annually than a dropouts.

We can change the outcome.
Programs like Boys Hope Girls Hope are proven to maximize a community’s capacity to help families break the cycle of poverty and change the outcome for these families. We provide holistic poverty intervention for motivated youth in need. We utilize an evidence-based program model that is rooted in the following dynamics.

• Early intervention, before children’s life trajectories are severely limited.
• Access to quality schools and expert academic support.
• A “community” of role-model staff and volunteers surrounding our children and their families and providing enrichment and support.
• Parent/Guardian involvement.
• Robust support beginning with admission to the program, continuing through college, and remaining available through career launch.
• Mind, body and spiritual development support.
• Stable and loving environment, including homes in residential programming and atmosphere in non-residential programming.

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